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About Us

Dr. David Gordon
Photo of Dr. David Gordon, President

David has a PhD in Instructional Technology and has been designing corporate training systems since 1996.

Training solutions...

Our goal is to improve corporate training through better software, better content, and a better understanding of your needs. Here are just a few ways we can help:

  • Instructional systems
  • Knowledge-management systems
  • Custom corporate-training software
  • Human capital assessments
  • Content development

DocuMedia Learning Group is an Ogden, Utah-based company that provides training software and solutions to the corporate world.

In 1996, Dr. David Gordon founded DocuMedia Learning Group with SIMON, the first instructional system based on his doctoral research. This system, used in call centers throughout the world, included a powerful software simulator with specific capabilities matched to the training needs of customer service representatives.

Today, we continue to build on our success to provide enterprise solutions for many other business sectors. We have expanded into several industries, and companies throughout the world use our knowledge-based solutions to train their employees more efficiently than is possible with traditional methods.

We invite you to allow us to provide solutions for your unique needs.

Our Approach to Training

Our goal is to empower companies to train their employees faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before. We believe the creative use of technology is the key to reaching this goal—to better corporate training.

What kind of technology are we talking about? Well, there's our software simulations, which allow a greater degree of learner interaction than traditional training methods. And there's our knowledge-management system, which provides reference information to an entire company faster than ever before.

Simply put: we think most companies can improve their training and knowledge distribution, and we're providing software and solutions to make this improvement possible.