JARIS: Serious version control. See all changes in a document.

JARIS Knowledge Management
and Electronic Performance Support System

Competing for every customer, today’s companies strive hard to create a new competitive advantage. With robust content management supporting your communication channels, you can introduce agility into your business.

JARIS is a searchable, scalable knowledge management system (KMS)—also known as an electronic performance support system (EPSS). From job-aids to processes and procedures, JARIS is your company's knowledge repository. And JARIS is a complete knowledge management solution: JARIS CMA (content-management application) provides content authoring and management tools, while JARIS Portal allows everyone in your company to search and view the content.

Fluid workflows

You need one writer, two managers, and the CEO to approve a document before release. Avoid the legwork and let JARIS route the document for you. Your custom workflows can be as simple or as complex as you want.

Smart documents

Give your documents expiration dates and JARIS will remind you to update them. Decide who can see your documents and JARIS will control access for you. JARIS's automated features save your time for more important things.

Spread the word

Your new product just hit the shelves—spread the word by sending an alert to all employees. JARIS can even track who reads the alert.

HTML skills not required

Using JARIS templates, you can create web documents without knowing HTML. Use one of the built-in templates or even create your own.

Listen to your users

Let the frontline tell you when they find a problem with a document. When they do, JARIS will automatically contact the document's owner. Your frontline can also rate your documents. You know which documents are useful.

Many more...

From version compare tools to productivity tracking, JARIS has many features that make managing your company's knowledge easy and effective. Schedule a demo to see JARIS in action.

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JARIS Portal
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Document preview
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