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We've been designing, building, and implementing technology-based instruction for over 10 years. Let us put our experience to work for you by helping you define instructional strategies, switch from traditional training to e-learning, implement a training system, or whatever else you might need to train your employees more effectively.

Whether you need to reshape the foundation of your training program or simply streamline it for increased effectiveness, we can help. We’ll assess your current training program and more importantly, discuss with you how you’d like your training to improve. Then, we’ll propose training solutions and technologies that can bring you new levels of success.

Often, we collaborate with our customers to build custom software based on specific needs. These design-build projects begin with consulting and assessment.

Human Capital Assessments

[Human Capital Strategy diagram]

Human capital is frequently the source of an organization's most important strengths—innovation, customer satisfaction, quality, and productivity.

We offer a quick-start human capital assessment that helps organizations evaluate key leverage points.

By evaluating and then focusing on meaningful leverage points, we can develop an effective and efficient human capital strategy that improves top- and bottom-line performance.

How we do it

We speed this process by using a web-administered human capital diagnostic to assess opportunities. This diagnostic and other key factors are used as inputs in an economic model that evaluates the financial benefits of potential improvements. Finally, we prepare specific, strategic action steps that create additional company value.