Training Network

DocuMedia Learning Group’s Training Network is a marketplace of online courses for professionals in various industries. Students purchase and complete courses through our custom web-training system, which enables media-rich presentations, quizzes, exams, and evaluations.

We are currently teaming with outside companies to expand our course offerings. We typically recruit companies for several types of teaming arrangements:

  • Host your completed course on the Training Network. If you have a completed web course, we’ll load your course into our system and sell it through our storefront. We charge a small hosting fee for this service.
  • Let us convert your course for the web. If you have a PowerPoint course or a paper-based course, we can help you convert your course for the web. Then, we can host your course and sell it through our storefront.
  • Provide content or become a subject matter expert. Often, we recruit subject-matter experts and content providers for specific subjects. Your level of involvement can range from providing rough course content to reviewing completed courses for accuracy.