[Photo of a man with simulation goggles]

Software Simulations

Call-center training has evolved. You no longer need sitdown presentatations or peer-to-peer role playing. Using a custom simulation of your call-center application, you can allow learners to use your application and talk to customers in a risk-free environment. We develop a functional mock-up of your application to provide training that looks and feels like the real thing.

Simulations, not screenshots

Our simulations are not screenshot trickery. Learners click through a working application, enter data, and talk to customers—just as they would on the job. And later, you can review performance metrics and even listen to the learner-customer dialog.

One mock, many uses

Once we build your simulation system, it can be re-used to create additional training as needed. You can use the system for navigation practice or for full simulation scenarios—and all with no screenshots to track or update. If you don't have the staff to create or maintain simulation scenarios, we can even create them for you.

Variable guidance

Create different levels of guidance and help for learners at different skill levels. Beginners can practice a scenario with complete instructions—where to click and what to say—and advanced learners can complete the same scenario with no help at all.

Managed learning

Our simulations integrate with our learning-management system, DLMS, to makes course management easy. As the hub of your instructional system, DLMS stores performance metrics for each training activity. Log on and see how a learner is doing, or create a whole new curriculum or course.