eSimon™ SCORM-Compatible Software Simulator

Here are three example walk-thrus for the various components related to the new eSimon (web-based simulation engine). Although we are technically still in BETA testing, all components are working and the 'look 'n feel' interface is now being completed. The three main components to show are: (1) LMS eSimon launch; (2) a designer building a scenario activity for LMS use; and (3) management review and approval prior to deploying the scenario for 'live use'.

You may want to use the pause button at the bottom to spend time reading the text balloons for each part. This page with these examples will only be active for about a week before it will be refreshed and removed. Please let me know your feedback, comments, or questions.

Show Learner Start, Take, Finish Short Simulation

This first demonstration is of a Learner launching the simulation from a SCORM compliant LMS and starting the activity. It illustrates the component download, the learner taking an activity, quitting early, and then closing the simulation scenario.

Show Designer Create, Save, Publish Scenario

The second demonstration is of a designer using the Add Edit Delete (eSimon AED tool) component to build a scenario instructional activity using eSimon Designer. It illustrates the steps for a designer to create a new training scenario by recording the steps the learner would accomplish for the specific training objective. Not all of the options are explained, so look at the different ways to score and track the learner. The designers can also record the audio files at their desktop. This tool will save hours in building a concept piece for demo alone.

Show Admin/Manager Approve Scenario for Live Use

The last demonstration is of a admin/manager using eSimon Server to review the scenario activities ready to be staged. The admin/manager can view all scenario activities in the various stages and accept to make it live or reject. Comments are stored for designer review. The process and data tracking removes a great portion of the launching and maintenance nightmare.